Sunday, March 30, 2008

Archdiocese says pastor in White Plains, N.Y., stole church funds to gamble

: A New House Of York Roman Catholic Church functionary states the long-serving curate of a suburban parish is under probe for allegedly using Christian church money to feed a gaming habit.

The premier of the Archdiocese of New House Of York states the Rev. Saint Patrick Dunne of Our Lady of Sorrows Church in White Person Plains took a important amount of Christian church money and have been permanently removed from the parish.

The chancellor, Monsignor William Belford, told members of the parish Lord'S Day that the Westchester County territory attorney's business office is investigating.

There was no contiguous remark Lord'S Day from the priest. His place telephone set letter box was not accepting messages Sunday.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Obama's Church Battles 'Negative Forces' in Uproar Over Pastor

Trinity United Church of Jesus --
the 8,000-member achromatic fold in Windy City at the centre of
a national firestorm -- is gearing up for Negro spiritual warfare.

The Christian Christian church of Democratic presidential campaigner is under examination for remarks made by its senior pastor,
. Now, its incoming leader is calling
on congregants to eschew reporters, conflict ''negative forces'' and
step up contributions to counter what he names a vilification campaign
against the church.

''I cognize it may look like we are being crucified at times,
but I'm here to allow you cognize they are just lifting us up to give
us an chance to talk love into this situation,'' Reverend
, who will win Willard Huntington Wright as senior curate in June,
said during an Easter Lord'S Day service March 23.

The contention over Willard Huntington Wright erupted this calendar month when
excerpts of his discourses were broadcast on telecasting and
distributed over the Internet. Wright's disparagers name him a
black separatist, pointing to remarks such as as ''God damn
America'' and ''U.S. of KKKA.'' Willard Huntington Willard Huntington Wright also suggested that U.S.
policies were responsible for the Sept. Eleven onslaughts and that the
government spreading the human immunodeficiency virus virus within the achromatic community.

In an attempt to defuse the contention that have threatened
his candidacy, Obama delivered what his Pluto billed as a major
address on race on March 18. The Prairie State senator condemned
Wright's remarks, though he said he wouldn't disown his pastor
any more than than he would his ain family.

'Wrong' and 'Divisive'

Wright's remarks ''were not only wrong, but divisive,''
said Obama, 46.

At the church, the strain is clear.

Moss, 37, have encouraged members not to speak to the media. Church force and military volunteers police force the lobby. The church
bookstore stopped selling DVDs of Wright's sermon and
wouldn't let certain points to be purchased by anyone suspected
of not being a member.

''I've been at Three so many years,'' said Julia Speller,
a professor of Christian Christian church history at
and writer of ''Walkin' the Talk: Keepin' the Religion in
Africentric Congregations.'' ''To see this go on is just
hurtful to my spirit, emotionally and spiritually.''

Distorted Picture

In interviews, parishioners state the true fictional character of their
church and curate is distorted by the insurance of Willard Huntington Wright and his

''It have to be set in the linguistic context of the achromatic church,
which turns out of a state of affairs of slavery, where the message of
Jesus Jesus have always been linked to political and social
issues,'' said , a Three member and religion
professor at the University of Chicago.

Trinity have posted full-length versions of Wright's sermons
on the video-sharing Web land site You Tube, which Moss said allows
people to set the remarks in context.

Some church members said Wright, 66, is being unfairly
targeted in an effort to oppress Obama's pursuit to go the
first achromatic U.S. president.

''There's A large component of racism involved in this,'' said
Kevin Tyson, 51, a Three member who works at the Windy City Stock
Exchange. ''The achromatic Christian church itself is under attack.''

Wright, who is on sabbatical leave and declined petitions for
interviews, have rejected claims that his discourses are anti-white.

Mark Sawyer, who previously attended Trinity, said the
accusations are unreasonable because the Christian church pulls black
professionals, as well as some whites.

Middle Class

''Trinity is largely taxation accountants, teachers, professors,
stockbrokers -- middle-class blackness people coming in from other
parts of the city,'' said Sawyer, a visiting professor of
political scientific discipline at the University of Golden State at Berkeley. ''They aren't leaving Three and going back to their
paramilitary organisations to assail achromatic people.''

Obama have said he won't go forth Trinity, where he was married
by Willard Huntington Wright and both his girls were baptized.

The Christian church have a long history of raising racial inquiries -
- going back to its initiation in 1961, when 12 households gathered
in a local simple school gymnasium to worship. The initial idea
was for Three to have got both achromatic and achromatic co-pastors, yet it
was ultimately deemed impossible because of racial tensions
within the city, according to Speller's book.

When Wright, a former Marine, arrived at Three in 1972,
the Christian church had fewer than 90 members. By the clip Obama came to
Wright as a immature community organiser in the late 1980s, the
church's ranks had swelled to more than than 4,000.

'Unashamedly Black'

Under Wright, the church, whose slogan is ''Unashamedly
Black and Unapologetically Christian,'' have established about 70
ministries, including many with international reach.

The Christian church spoke out against the devastation of public
housing in the metropolis and shift of one thousands of residents. It also fought to coerce not-for-profit hospitals to provide
charitable attention for those in need.

Trinity drew the anger of nearby achromatic Christian churches when Wright
began advocating tolerance of homoes and set up a program
to struggle AIDS.

''Pastor Wright, to his credit, have built the Christian church that
cares for people on the margins,'' said Erectile Dysfunction Shurna, a longtime
community organiser who is executive manager of the Chicago
Coalition for the Homeless.

To reach the newsman on this story:
in Windy City at

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Catholic church leaders call for lawmakers to have free vote on UK embryo research bill

: Roman Catholic Christian church leadership in United Kingdom criticized proposed new embryo research laws on Lord'S Day and called for lawmakers to be given a free ballot on the issue.

Prime Curate Gordon Brown is hoping to go through new laws to let the creative activity of crossed animate being and human embryos for medical research, and may tell political party members to endorse the plans.

But Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, the caput of the Catholic Christian church in England and Wales, said Catholic legislators should be able to vote according to their conscience.

"I believe Catholics in political relation have got got got got to move according to their Catholic convictions, so have other Christians, so have other politicians," Murphy-O'Connor told Britain's Sky News television. "There are Catholics who experience very strongly about this substance and I am glad that they do.

Three senior members of Brown's Cabinet, including Defense Secretary Des(AP) — Hablot Knight Browne and Conveyance Secretary Babe Ruth Kelly, are Catholic. If Brown imposed vote regulations on his party, all three would be expected to vacate if they opposed the plans. Today in Europe

Scientists state the research is aimed at helping develop remedies for debilitating diseases such as as Alzheimer's and multiple sclerosis.

The procedure affects injecting an empty moo-cow or coney egg with human DNA. A explosion of electricity is then used to fob the egg into dividing regularly, so that it goes a very early embryo, from which stem cells can be extracted.

Scientists state the embryos would be destroyed after 14 years to guarantee they are not implanted into the uterus of a woman.

Cardinal Keith O'Brien, the caput of the Catholic Christian church in Scotland, used his Easter Lord'S Day discourse at St. Mary's Cathedral in Edinburgh to assail the proposals, claiming they would let Frankenstein-style experiments.

The measurements are a "monstrous onslaught on human rights, human self-respect and human life," O'Brien said.

Britain's Person Fertilization and Embryology Bill was last updated in 1990 and curates state it must be redrawn to take business relationship of scientific advances.

"The government's absolutely correct to seek to force this through to the possible benefit of many people in this country," wellness curate Ben Bradshaw told British Broadcast Media Corp. radio.

Peers in the House of Lords have got already rejected an effort to take proposals related to crossed human-animal embryos from the bill. An amendment was defeated by 268 ballots to 96, a bulk of 172, in a ballot last month.

Britain's authorities have not yet put a day of the month for a House of Park ballot on the projected laws.

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Jesus and His Work-Filled Sabbaths

If we are to follow in the stairway of Jesus Of Nazareth regarding the Sabbath, we must cognize what those stairway were. His usage on that twenty-four hours is clear from this Saint Saint Luke passage:

Luke 4:16. "So He came to Nazareth where He had been brought up. And as His usage was, He went into the temple on the Sabbath day, and stood up to read.

As to His attitude, later in his book, Brother Saint Saint Luke studies this revealing tale:

Luke 13:10-17. "Now He was instruction in one of the temples on the Sabbath. And behold there was a adult female who had a spirit of frailty 18 years, and was bent over and could in no manner rise herself up. But when Jesus Of Nazareth saw her, He called her to Him and said to her, Woman, you are loosed from your infirmity! And He laid His custody on her, and immediately she was made straight, and glorified God. But the ruler of the temple answered with indignation, because Jesus Of Nazareth had healed on the Sabbath; and He said to the crowd, There are six years on which work force ought to work; therefore come up and be healed on them, and not on the Sabbath Day! The Godhead answered him and said, Hypocrites! Bashes not each 1 of you on the Sabbath loose his ox or his donkey from the stall and Pb it away to water? So ought not this woman, being a girl of Abraham, whom Shaytan have bound- believe of it - for 18 years, be loosed from this chemical bond on the Sabbath?"

a. Talk of cattle and donkeys and such as conveys us back to Deuteronomy, where the original phone call to rest is extended even to the animals of the field! But even these dense animate beings trip up on the Sabbath and demand some attention, and most sane people give it to them. And when they are so extricated from their difficulty, they can truly bask a needful rest! So it is with the hurting people of Earth who come up across our nerve pathway on the 7th day. Surely they are of more than value and in demand of greater remainder than any animal. We are to be instantaneous in giving it to them, that they might bask not only the day, but ageless remainder with Christ. What could be plainer, except to a case-hardened heart?

b. This hardness of bosom did not take topographic point overnight. The Pharisees were originally a people who wanted merely to be separated unto Supreme Being from the unhallowed civilization which developed in State Of Israel during the old age between the Testaments. Hellenic ways were becoming more than than and more appealing to Jews who wanted to travel with the flowing of history. The Gymnasium, for example, was push upon them, along with the needed nudity that accompanied the exercising within. Some god-fearing trusters said of this and other innovations, Enough! We are God's people, we are holy unto Him alone! They separated. The word Pharisee come ups from a word that agency just that: separation. It was not a bad start. A tax return to holier years and righteous ways was pleasing to the bosom of God. But soon pridefulness crept in to the sanctity movement, as it makes in every coevals when people move too far in this external direction. Pride, and forms, and certain ways of doing everything, and regulations upon rules, and the very presence of a holy Supreme Being is forgotten, along with the clemency of that Supreme Being on those who have got yet to undergo these realities.

Jesus' response? "Think not that I am come up to destruct the law... I came not to destroy, but to fulfill." He come ups to illume a torch within the adult male that shows him his wicked and God's grace. He come ups to carry through within us all that Supreme Being necessitates of us. He come ups to compose the very law of Supreme Being on our Black Maria since we are not able to maintain the law written on rocks and parchment. He is not a law-breaker, arsenic the lawless Antichrist will demo us about Satan's character. No, he is the 1 who set ups the law, within us. More of this later.

Here is yet another Sabbath healing in Luke:

Luke 14:1-6. "Now it happened, as He went into the house of one of the rules of the Pharisees to eat breadstuff on the Sabbath, that they watched Him closely. And behold there was a certain adult male before him who had dropsy. And Jesus, answering, spoke to the lawyers and Pharisees saying, Is it lawful to mend on the Sabbath? But they kept silent. And He took him and healed him and allow him go. Then he answered them, saying, Which of you, having a donkey or an ox that have fallen into a pit, will not immediately draw him out on the Sabbath day? And they could not reply Him..."

Here was a great reply to a difficult question. "Is this legal?" they desire to know. "Let's see," states Jesus, and then... healed! There's your answer! Next question? I am still struck in all these business relationships at what an unbelievable thing have happened from the clip of the Prophets until now. In those years the sinfulness was profaning the Sabbath, the arrant neglect for God's Word in the Commandments, doing my ain thing on God's Holy Place Day. Then come up the "separated ones" and the pendulum swings the other way. Not only is secular pleasance forbidden by them. Not only make they forbid worrying over income and the cares of life. No, for them, everything is forbidden! A tangle of laws and regulations mistakes the bid and fuzzes the mental image of a Supreme Being who cares about tellurians who really make demand to halt once a week, or fire out. In the Pharisaical view, Supreme Being is willing to let the ill to decease and the possessed to be tormented, if rescue on the 7th twenty-four hours is the lone option.

There is nil incorrect with the Sabbath! Never makes Jesus Of Nazareth lose sight of Genesis and Exodus when he is wringing out the Pharisees and wall hanging them up to dry! The twenty-four hours is still holy, whether adult male hallows it or not. At least, as far as the Gospels authors are concerned.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Top Roman Catholic clergyman in Holy Land to retire

: The top Roman Catholic Church functionary in the Holy Place Land is stepping down.

Church functionaries state Latin Patriarch Michel Sabbah is retiring. On Wednesday, Sabbah is turning 75 — the traditional retirement age of Christian church officials.

Sabbah is the first Palestinian to throw his position. Throughout his tenure, he have been a vocal advocator for the Palestinian cause. At the same time, he have been an vocal critic of violence.

A Christian church functionary states Sabbah will remain on the occupation at least through the approaching Easter holiday. The functionary states Sabbah is expected to be succeeded by another Palestinian Christian church leader, Archbishop Fuad Twal.

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Monday, March 17, 2008

First Great Buddhist Tantrika Guru Padmasambhava Or Buddha Sakyamuni

Padmasambhava is considered to be the first Tantrik Buddhist guru in Thibet and of Tantrik Buddhism though according to learned Tantrikas, The Buddha himself was a great Tantrik teacher. Buddha's Earth touching gesture is regarded as a Tantrik gesture since according to Hindoo Tantras an Avadhuta before staring his day-to-day Yoga patterns firstly he by touching the Earth makes heat exhaustion to female parent Earth to prolong him in his all acts. Also on business relationship of Buddha's assorted instructions like Heart Sutra, Lankavatara Sutra, and Lotus Sutra etc it is apparent that he was instruction some esoteric vidya to his most darling disciples. He have not taught these esoteric instructions in general populace rather in the assembly of the great monks. However it is a historical truth that these sutras are Mahayana Sutras in which the instructor is Sakyamuni yet it is true that in these sutras some distinct truths have got been taught which are undoubtedly developed from the core instructions of Buddha. According to Mahayana religion the sutras namely Mahayana sutras taught by Tathagata on the mount of holy vulture (presently Griddha Kuta Parvata in Rajagriha) was other than what he was sermon earlier therefore it is said that on vulture extremum he swung The Wheel of Law 2nd time.

Atisa in his commentary on Lotus Sutra have got written that 2nd wheel of philosophy spoken by Tathagata can be summarized in two of import teachings. One is on ego realisation and 2nd 1 is about essence. That version of sutra which is called Saptasahasrika is about kernel i.e. about Tantrayana In which dharni mantra the flawlessness of wisdom have been uttered by him. The mantra 'Om gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi swaha' have great importance in Tantrik Buddhism; it is used for authorization and assorted supernatural practices. Vairochana adherent of Padmasambhava in his commentary on the bosom sutra explained the words of the sutra according to the Tantrik three of the outer, interior and secret. Further more than 'Heart Sutra' have been interpreted as higher Tantrism i.e. Uttar Tantra in which there is no ritual, only religion and consciousness is essential. We should not take 'tantra' here as lone occultism since Buddhism and Hindooism both see Tantrism as a higher path.

One great Tantrik Bible Uttar Tantrism of Maitreya gives a higher position of Tantra, here in this Bible it have been mentioned that peak wisdom (ultimate reality) can be only realized by those who are of good line of descent i.e. Negro spiritual line of descent not by every one. This term have also been emphasized in 'heart sutra' wherein Sariputra asked to Avalokiteshvara 'how should a boy of good line of descent who wishes to drill the profound flawlessness of wisdom train.' Good line of descent is considered of import regarding esoteric Negro Negro spiritual realisation because it is profound and deep in meaning; this is why a spiritual instructor before initiating a adherent in the way Judges him on respective evidence put forth by instructors of the lineage. From above account it is much clear that The Buddha was the first instructor of the esoteric way albeit through Mahayana sutras of which Guru Padmasambhava propagated in the multitude combining hitherto all the Dhamma instructions of Tathagata. He was the first Negro spiritual instructor who popularized Buddhist Tantra in general and specific among the people of Tibet.

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Downtown conversion: a church into condos

By Jeff Swiatek

Some 11 old age ago, Noblesville mechanical applied scientist Herb Masiuk got a impression to purchase the run-down, barely-in-use former John John Fletcher Topographic Point United Methodist Church.

New look: The Fletcher Pointe condominiums have high-end kitchens. The transformed Business District edifice was the former John Fletcher Topographic Point United Methodist Church. Units will be priced from $850,000 to about $1.2 million. - ALAN PETERSIME / The Star

FLETCHER POINTE >> What: Four condoes in the former John John Fletcher Topographic Point United Methodist Church.>> Location: 501 Fletcher Ave.>> Developers: Herb and January Masiuk and Uncle Tom McCalley.>> List broker: Joe Everhart of Sycamore Group.>> Price range: $850,000 to $1.2 million.>> Features: Units include garage parking, elevators, terrace with a H2O fountain, vino basement and a shared lobby.

Having wrapped up his work designing the mechanical systems in Circle Centre mall, "he'd been looking for a large project," said his wife, January Craig Masiuk.

She agreed with her hubby that the old brick Christian church showed promise for a bold new use, despite jobs like a spire that toppled over decennaries ago, causing chronic roof leaks; obsolete mechanical systems; debris piled up inside; and dust that billowed into the air with every step.

The Masiuks plunked down about $40,000 and the edifice at the sou'-east corner of Business District was theirs.

Last week, January Masiuk admired the consequences of a decennary of work, most of it done in the past 18 months. The one-time Wesleyan church, after a little life as a feast hallway operated by the Masiuks, have been condo-ized, its beamed sanctuary split in one-half to throw two of the grandest condominiums Business District have seen. They come up with 35-foot ceilings and stained-glass windows befitting a cathedral.

"I am so happy to see it like this. From where it was when we got it . . . it's just amazing," said January Masiuk.

Instead of slicing the 1872 Christian church into multiple littler condominium units, the Masiuks and developer Uncle Tom McCalley decided to make just four. The two sanctuary units of measurement of measurement spreading over 3,700 foursquare feet each, with the ground-floor units holding about 2,700. Sale terms for what now is called John Fletcher Pointe volition run from $850,000 to about $1.2 million.

That will rank among the peak terms for condominiums on the South side of Downtown. Currently 15 condominiums in Center Township are listed for more than than $1 million on the Agent List Cooperative. All are Business District and only two are south of the Mile Square, both in the Villagio, a newly built upscale condominium tower that sit downs across Old Dominion Avenue from John Fletcher Pointe condos.

Selling a Business District condominium for seven figs isn't the hazard it used to be.

"I am not that concerned about it. We only have got four units. There really is not much to vie against," said McCalley, who have got developed flats and condominiums across the country.

Not to state that John Fletcher Pointe, which began merchandising its units of measurement to agents last week, will have an easy sell, said Kurt Flock, frailty president of Flock Real Number Estate Group, which specialises in selling Downtown.

"It's a slippery market. People demand amenities, parking, positions of some kind," Flock said. Moreover, condominium users can be loath to purchase into new undertakings like John John Fletcher Pointe not knowing if the terms they pay for their unit of measurement will throw up over time, he said.

Buyers of condominiums in the million-dollar range have got good ground to worry: "What if I purchase in and they begin lowering the terms to acquire the other units of measurement sold?" Flock said.

Fletcher Pointe is full of high-end amenities. All units of measurement of measurement of measurement of measurement include garage parking, elevators, a terrace with a H2O fountain, a vino cellar and usage of a shared lobby.

The greatest designing challenge involved installing $175,000 worth of steel beams in the basement to shore up the garage after brick pillars were removed to do room for parking, McCalley said.

Halakar Properties have got got tapped into the same high-priced condo marketplace with its 3 Mass Condos project, a 10-story midrise being built at 333 Bay State Ave. Although it won't unfastened until springtime 2009, 16 of the 44 units have been presold to purchasers who have set down $25,000 nonrefundable deposits, said Meghan DeMars, senior place adviser for Halakar.

Five units in 3 Mass Condos are listed for sale over $1 million.

The fact that high-priced condo units are selling, even in the human face of a weak lodging market, "speaks volumes" about the depth of the Business District lodging market, DeMars said.

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