Monday, May 26, 2008

Battle over FLDS kids gets rough - Salt Lake Tribune

SAN ANGELO, Lone-Star State - Saddle up, because it ain't over yet. The biggest child-welfare lawsuit in United States history bucked participants and witnesses every which manner last hebdomad - and the wild drive will continue. The first jar may come up anytime from the Lone-Star State Supreme Court, which worked through Saturday without deciding whether to remain an entreaties tribunal determination that directs some, if not all, of about 450 children from a polygamous religious sect back to their parents. The children, taken from the YFZ Ranch near Eldorado, Texas, have got spent seven hebdomads in state detention and are scattered in shelters throughout the state. The spread is place to members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Of Nazareth Jesus of Latter Day Saints. The adjacent jar may come up Tuesday. A tribunal hearing that have already been jarring - state lawyers introduced photos of religious sect leader Robert Penn Warren S. Jeffs giving a husbandly buss to a 12-year-old girl he purportedly married in July 2006 - resumes. By Thursday, the underpinnings of the state's lawsuit seemed to be buckling. Just eight female parents were left in a pool of 26 females the state believed to be 17 or younger. More were expected to be declared grownups in coming position hearings. Not a single case of physical maltreatment was introduced in the hearings, either. Still, five Judges mechanically approved boilerplate service programs while rejecting any recommended alterations from Advertisement

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

LDS Church planning new temple in Phoenix - Salt Lake Tribune

The Church of Jesus Of Nazareth Jesus of Latter-day Saints Saturday announced programs to construct a new temple in Phoenix, marking the 3rd new temple announced for Grand Canyon State in less than a month. The two temples now in Grand Canyon State are in Mesa and Snowflake. On April 28, the Christian church announced two new temples will be built in Gilbert, in the Capital Of Arizona subway area, and in Gila River Valley, in the eastern portion of the state. There now are 140 LDS temples in operation, under building or planned worldwide, according to a Christian church news release. - Howard Lindsay WhitehurstAdvertisement

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Magic Word Is - Attitude

Our mental attitude towards life will find what we acquire from life. Our mental mental mental attitude towards work and learning volition find what we can make well.

William Jesse James a Harvard University professor said "the top find of my coevals is that human beingnesses can change their lives by altering their attitude of mind"

First let's look at our attitude towards ourselves. We take ourselves for granted. we believe that other people can make things that we cannot. Many people oppose alteration yet change in life is the 1 thing on which we can absolutely count.

We necessitate to develop our mental attitude twenty-four hours by day. Take a expression at successful people in every occupation. You will happen that no substance what field they work in they all have got got one thing in common . They have a good mental attitude towards themselves, they believe they can carry through and as a consequence they make singular things. They are called successful, fortunate, gifted, lucky. They are frequently no better able than the people around them but they make have got a good attitude. They make anticipate more than good out of life than bad. They anticipate to win rather than fail.

If you desire something out of your life do up your head that there are more than grounds why you should acquire it rather than you shouldn't.

Go after it, endeavor for it, salvage for it, inquire for it and nine modern times out of 10 you will acquire it. Our environment is really a mirror of our attitude. If we don't like our environent we have got to change our mental attitude first, the human race plays no favorites. It is our mental attitude that finds our lives.Studies of one thousands of successful people demo that they radiate confidence. They anticipate success and this is why they acquire success. You can descry these people by the manner they look and act.

In five old age or less you can acquire right to the top of your present field by adopting the right attitude. Start today by simply acting as though you are already the successful individual you desire to be. Act, expression and experience successful. Actions gun gun trigger feelings just as feelings trigger actions. Here is a diagnostic test that volition turn out this to you. If you transport out the followers instruction manual for the adjacent 30 years your mental attitude towards life will be dramatically improved.

Act toward the human race and everyone you ran into as though you were already the individual you desire to be. If you desire success enactment as though you already have got it. If you desire esteem from others give this esteem to others. The most of import individual on Earth to any individual is himself ,so for the adjacent 30 years enactment as though everyone you ran into is the most of import individual on Earth (remember he is to himself )

You should make this for two reasons

1) This is the manner you should handle other human beingnesses
2) It volition assist you constitute a wont that will work with astonishing results.

Have you noticed that in big well-run companies the people at the top are nice people, easy to speak to and they are courteous to you?

This is because they have got the right attitude, this is why they are at the top. When a individual transports out this direction he immediately sets himself in the right company i.e. in the top 5% of the people amongst those who will be most successful, he have made himself an incarnation all of that which he seeks. He have made the cast in which to forge the concluding word form he desires to be. The things that individual would have got and make wi9ll come up to him. It's called "the law of attraction"Everyone in the human race desires to be and demands to be loved and respected. They volition give their love, friendly relationship and their concern to those who will give them what they desire most, a feeling of importance.

It is our mental mental mental mental mental attitude at the beginning of a undertaking which will find its outcome.

It is our attitude towards life that will find life's attitude toward us.
We are interdependent, it is impossible to win without others.
It is our attitude towards others which will find their attitude towards us.
Before a individual can accomplish the life he desires he must go that sort of person.
Your head can only throw one idea at a time, as there is nil to be gained by being negative-- be positive.

Everyone craves to be needed, give them this feeling.

Don't speak about your jobs or your wellness unless it is good.

Radiate the assurance of individual who cognizes where they are going and good things will begin happening to you.

For adjacent 30 years handle everyone as though they were the most of import person alive.

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Monday, May 19, 2008

FLDS lawyers balk at CPS plans for children

SAN ANGELO — Parents of children taken from a Occident Lone-Star State polygamist distribute testified today that it was hard for them to understand how they can follow with state demands to recover detention of their youngsters, who are spread out from Amarillo to the Houston area.

Lawyers for the parents, who are in hearings in five courtrooms, are questioning the Child Protective Services bes after for the children, which the state states are needed to protect them. The hearings began today.

The parents' lawyers said the programs are indeterminate and at the same clip phone call for demands they see questionable, such as as testing the educational backgrounds of the parents, not just the children.

The state took 463 children from the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Of Nazareth Jesus of Latter Day Saints' Longing for Sion Ranch near Eldorado, contending that underage misses were being married to aged work force and the children at the spread were being abused or were at hazard of abuse.

Parents in the breaking away Mormon spiritual sect state they have got done nil incorrect and that their life style is in agreement with their religious beliefs.

Their lawyers said today that the households were living in a financially stable environment on the ranch, and may necessitate public services such as lodging aid if they are forced to dwell independently.

Some lawyers were taking the chance to set federal agency social workers on the base to inquiry why their clients' children were taken away in the first topographic point and to seek to understand how Hertz planned to let them to return.

The state have a twelvemonth from the day of the month the children were removed on April 13 to go back the children or to end parental rights.

Some lawyers were perplexed as to whether parents could recover detention if they continued to dwell on the ranch.

The programs for the children, some of which were not filed until hours before the social workers were to look in court, include phone calls for psychological ratings of parents and children and parenting classes. In one service plan, the state listings concerns about instruction and place schooling as a ground the children were taken.

Attorneys for parents targeted that reasoning, noting that place schooling could not be a footing for removing children.

The complexness of the lawsuit was illustrated repeatedly. One Hertz worker said a service program was filed so late because the federal agency did not cognize until last nighttime that a social worker had not been assigned to compose it.

In another instance, a lawyer talking about the trouble of getting parents to ran into with social workers and children spreading across the state, said, "You're aware the father have children with other ladies, so he's visiting across the state."

CPS said the ground some sibs were split up is that they did not cognize they had sibling groups, since the state was given different name calling for the children.

One of the first lawsuits to come up up in tribunal today involved the 6-year-old boy of imprisoned FLDS oracle Robert Penn Warren Jeffs. The boy, who have a prosthetic leg from a birth defect, is being housed in Amarillo.

His mother, Sharon Barlow, appeared in tribunal as her attorney, Donna Guion, complained to state District Judge Barbara Walther about the vagueness of the service program and asked if there was any ground she cannot visit her boy twice a week.

"This program is so indeterminate and so wide my client have no thought what she's to make now," Guion said.

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Former FLDS member gets favorable 10th Circuit Court ruling - Salt Lake Tribune

Posted: 1:05 PM- Denver -- Go to the audiotape. A federal entreaties tribunal revived a part of a lawsuit that claims a adult male was not rehired at a cabinet company because he discontinue a southern Beehive State polygamous sect. Some grounds is on tape. Shem Hans Fischer sued Forestwood Inc. of Hildale, Utah, and the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Of Nazareth Jesus of Latter Day Saints and its leaders. He worked at Forestwood from 1987 until 2000, the twelvemonth he left the FLDS church. His father was Forestwood's president and a half-brother was manager. Both were FLDS members, as were all the employees. Hans Fischer said his employment ended hebdomads after he protested the fire of another worker who had left the church. When he tried to be rehired, Hans Fischer claims his application was rejected because he was a non-member. "Drop this lawsuit and allow us acquire back on alkali and we could travel forward again," Fischer's father, Erwin Fischer, now deceased, told his boy during a taped conversation. "If you're suing and fighting Uncle Rulon and wanting to work for his company at the same time, this won't work," he said, referring to Rulon Jeffs, who was caput of the Christian church at the time. A federal justice in Beehive State barred the taped conversations from evidence, calling them hearsay. But the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Mile-High City this Advertisement

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Monday, May 12, 2008

More Outrageous Talk from a Minister at Barack Obama's Church, and it's Not Reverend Wright

Now some fresh taking from the Political Grapevine:

Not Over

The Clergyman Jeremiah Willard Huntington Wright may have got stepped down as pastor, but the Three United Church of Jesus may go on to stalk Barack Obama.

Newsmax studies the new Senior Pastor, Elisha Graves Otis Moss, have called biblical paterfamilias Abraham a pimp, said Noah and Moses were hoods and said Jesus Of Nazareth had a "soft topographic point for thugs." Moss have also praised late rapper Tupac Shakur as a oracle despite his profanity-laced words that glorify force and a criminal record including assault and sexual abuse.

Cybercast News studies another curate as the church, clergyman Reginald Williams, have written in the Christian Christian church bulletin that the Pentagon railroad trains Latin Americans to go terrorists and the major television webs are run by right wing racialists who see blacknesses as subhuman.

The Obama political campaign have not yet responded to our petition for a comment.

Unwelcome Mat

More than 200 pupils and mental faculty at Furman University are protesting President Bush's planned beginning computer address next week. The co-signers have got set an account on the school's Web site. Related
Column Archive


Show Info Airs Weekdays at 6 p.m. ET

They state they are ashamed of the actions of the Shrub disposal and specifically mention the linkage between Republic Of Iraq and 9/11 – “Sowing fearfulness and using menace degrees to sidestop the constitution... suppressing or ignoring grounds that belies disposal ideology... and encouraging foolhardy overspending.”

Carmela Epright, a bioethics professor at the university said, "For me, I'm an ethicist. How could I not be upset about Bush's torment policy?"

But many pupils are upset with the protesters. The senior social class voted unanimously in favour of the president's address. One pupil states the Greenville News that it is the mental faculty response that have taken away from the honor.

Explanation Please

Pulitzer and Alfred Nobel Prize winning novelist Toni Jim Morrison made newspaper headlines in 1998 with her celebrated remark that Bill Bill Clinton was the first achromatic president. Now she states it had nil to make with his mental attitudes toward race.

Morris states time magazine, "People misunderstood that phrase. I was deploring the manner in which President Bill Clinton was being treated, vis-à-vis the sexual activity dirt that was surrounding him. I said he was being treated like a achromatic on the street, already guilty, already a perp. I have got no thought what his existent inherent aptitudes are, in footing of race."

Opinion Piece

Another African-American woman, this 1 an decision maker at the University of Toledo, have been suspended for authorship a newspaper op-ed ambitious the impression that homoes are civil rights victims. Associate Frailty President of Person Resources Crystal Dixon was responding to an column in the Toledo Free Press.

She wrote, "I cannot aftermath up tomorrow and not be a achromatic woman... Daily, one thousands of homoes do a life determination to go forth the cheery life style evidenced by the growth population of PFOX (Parents and friends of Ex-Gays) and Exodus International, just to call a few."

Even though Dixon said she was not speaking on behalf of the university, the school have suspended her with pay, saying her remarks "do not agreement with the values of the University of Toledo." The conservative grouping "concerned women for America" states Cybercast News this is "classic point of view discrimination", and states it almost asks for a lawsuit.

— fox News Channel's St Martin Hill contributed to this report.

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Broken marriages 'a ticking time bomb' - BBC News

Some 650 couples went to mass at the Roman Catholic City Of Westminster Cathedral on Saturday to observe the 43,000 old age of experience of matrimony they have got between them.

Several first made their vows more than than 60 old age ago.

But there was a more than sombre intent behind the event, organised by the leader of the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor.

He wanted to show an illustration of abiding matrimony in order to warn of the dangers of letting it go.

Marriage is at its last degree since records began, and people are getting divorced earlier.

'Society under threat'

About 40% of matrimonies now stop in divorce, with the consequence that almost a one-fourth of children have got experienced household break-up by the clip they are 16.

Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor depicts it as a time-bomb threatening the unity of British People society.

When things travel wrong, it's no good just brushing things aside

Kathleen O'Driscoll, married for 61 years

"The personal effects of the interruption up of matrimony can be seen because of drugs and crime," he says.

"So many people are in the consequence of broken marriages. And it's a clip bomb because the personal effects are insidious. It's starting now with divorcement but its personal effects will travel on and on."

Among the couples celebrating decennaries together were Uncle Uncle Tom and Kathleen O'Driscoll, childhood sweeties who tied the knot 61 old age ago, after Kathleen had waited three old age for Tom to go back from war.

A black-and-white photograph shows them - he in new pin-striped lawsuit with a big clove pink in his button-hole, she with a long head covering swept back from her human face - shyly embarking on this long journey.

They joined custody in City Of Westminster Cathedral again to refashion those hard promises.

The Buckinghams knew matrimony would be no piece of cake

The O'Driscolls incrimination the collapse in matrimony on the unwillingness of people to work at their human relationships when the going acquires rough.

"When things travel incorrect it's no good just brushing things aside," states Kathleen. "Just talk about it. If you go forth it, it will only acquire worse."

"Two small words," states Uncle Tom O'Driscoll cheekily. "Yes, dear"

The Buckinghams also knew - 50 old age ago - that matrimony would be no piece of cake.

They met while working in java and custard for a nutrient company and admit that since then they have got been through ups and downs.

"I believe people give up too easily," states Esther Buckingham. "They don't give and take and work at it really. It's not all sunlight and roses."

"And possibly they're afraid to perpetrate themselves permanently," states Bert Buckingham. "And if they don't acquire married, they can see it's an easier manner to interrupt up if they have got to."

But they are a dying breed, who formed their partnerships in an epoch when matrimony was accepted as the bedrock of society.

Wedding Numbers down

Since then divorcement have go easier, and life in unmarried partnerships have lost the stigma it once had.

Indeed some matrimony experts state the of import thing is not marriage, but long-term, stable, monogamous relationships, both for bringing up children and for the unity of society.

Populace policies should be judged on the footing of whether they assist household life or not

Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor

The Church have seen matrimony decline, and its ain share in among wedding ceremonies falls away even faster.

But Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor denies that this is just a spiritual issue. He states Christian Christian church weddings, and matrimonies supported by church communities stand up a better opportunity of being fruitful.

"Society must have got some kind of infrastructure," he says. "There's an African saying...'you necessitate a small town to convey up a child'. Populace policies should be judged on the footing of whether they assist household life or not. If they do, they should be approved."

The Church is smarting from statute law - such as as that providing for civil partnerships and outlawing favoritism against homosexual people - that it felt undermined household life and, by extension, the social welfare of children. Others take an exactly opposite view.

Whatever the dissensions about how the modern household should be constituted, the Church take a firm stands it stays indispensable to household life. It states the effects of losing it could be black for us all.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Texas AG office to prosecute polygamist sect cases

A justice at the centre of the biggest detention conflict in U.S. history have approved a petition to convey in the Lone-Star State Lawyer General's business office to prosecute any hereafter criminal complaints in the case.

State District Judge Barbara Walther on Monday approved Uncle Tom Green County District Lawyer Sir Leslie Stephen Lupton's petition for a particular public prosecutor in the lawsuit involving the Longing For Sion Ranch North of Eldorado.

On April 3 and 4, the state began removing more than than 400 children who lived on the spread with their parents who are members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Of Nazareth Jesus of Latter Day Saints, a breaking away Mormon grouping that encompasses polygamy.

Texas Child Protective Services eventually removed 464 children from the spread and placed them in surrogate attention after determination respective pregnant underage girls. Hertz functionaries said that all of the children had either been sexually or physically abused or where at hazard of being abused, prompting the removal.

So far, no grownup male on the spread have got been charged with sexual abuse, but functionaries have indicated the likeliness criminal complaints will be sought against the hubby of the underage girls.

Jerry Strickland, spokesman for Lawyer General Greg Abbott, confirmed that Abbott's business office had been asked to assist.

"The lawyer general's business office have petitions from territory and county lawyers on a assortment of issues," William Strickland said.

The AG's business business office usually stairway in, at a county's request, when there is a struggle of interest, because of the further resources the AG's office can supply in a complicated lawsuit or the country of law is one the silver have peculiar expertise.

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Texan sect inquiry finds injuries - BBC News

Officials in Lone-Star State have got establish marks of hurt among children removed from a polygamous religious sect and are checking for possible sexual maltreatment of boys.

A justice ordered the remotion of 464 children last calendar month as functionaries investigated whether underage misses had been forced into matrimony and sex.

A state social welfare functionary said 41 of the children had broken castanets or former fractures, without giving more than details.

The sect, which have Mormon roots, states the state is trying to mislead people.

It was raided on 3 April amid studies that a 16-year-old girl had been physically and sexually abused.

Detectives are looking for grounds of a matrimony between the miss and a 50-year-old man.

Authorities believe that of 53 misses aged between 14 and 17, 29 are already mothers.

The figure of children placed in protective detention have gradually risen, with a babe born to one immature female parent on Tuesday becoming the 464th.

The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Of Nazareth Jesus of Latter Day Saints (FLDS) split from the mainstream Mormon Church more than a century ago.

'Journal entries'

Investigators establish "historic physical hurts and fractures" among the children, said Carey Cockerell, caput of the Texan section of household and protective services.

"Some of the breaks have got been establish in very immature children," he told state lawmakers on Wednesday.

Mr Cockerell did not state what research workers believe may have got caused the injuries.

He added that, based on "journal entries" and interviews, his federal agency was investigating possible sexual maltreatment of immature male children at the ranch.

The functionary refused to talk to newsmen after his visual aspect before the Lone-Star State Senate wellness and human services committee.

However, a spokesman for the agency, Saint Patrick Crimmins, later stressed that it had not yet been determined whether the hurts establish in the 41 children were "due to mistreat or disregard or were just childhood accidents".

'Highly inflammatory'

Lloyd Barlow, onsite physician at the Longing for Sion spread where the religious sect was based, said he had been lovingness for a figure of FLDS children with broken or fractured castanets at the clip they were removed.

Are they just pulling this material out of the air without having to turn out the allegation or what?

Willie Jessopsect member

"Probably over 90% of the hurts are forearm breaks from ground-level or low-level falls," he was quoted by The Associated Press as saying.

"I can also state you that we don't dwell in a community where there is a form of abuse."

Mr Cockerell's address was bitterly attacked by FLDS representatives.

On the suggestion that male children had been abused, FLDS lawyer Perch Charlie Parker said there was no evidence, and it was "irresponsible" and "unethical".

"Where the heck did that come up from, anyway?" asked FLDS member Willie Jessop.

"Are they just pulling this material out of the air without having to turn out the allegation or what?" he was quoted as saying by the Deseret News.

Mr Charlie Parker accused Mister Cockerell's federal agency of mounting a "PR political campaign to assail the parents with highly inflammatory implications".

Agency spokesman Saint Patrick Crimmins dismissed the allegation as "ridiculous", saying Mister Cockerell had merely been coverage to state senators at their request.

DNA diagnostic tests

The legal age of sexual consent in Lone-Star State is 17 and polygyny is illegal in the US.

The miss at the Centre of the probe is reported to have got been beaten and raped by her aged husband, and to be pregnant again eight calendar months after giving birth to her first kid when she was 15.

Officials state some of the FLDS misses may have got had babes when they were just 13 old age old.

FLDS members are taught that a adult male must get married at least three wives in order to ascend to heaven, and that women must be subservient to their husbands.

Members unrecorded in big drawn-out families, making it hard to find exact parenthood, and the state is using deoxyribonucleic acid diagnostic tests in its investigation.

The FLDS denies forcing immature misses into polygamous marriages.

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