Monday, June 9, 2008

Will FLDS stick to declaration? - Salt Lake Tribune

For years, a polygamous religious sect seemed willing to put on the line everything in a draw with authorities over underage marriages: property, prophet, progeny. Now, a hebdomad after a Christian church older delivered a statement saying the FLDS Church would no longer countenance such as marriages, the inquiry is: Problem solved? Maybe, maybe not. In Texas, government investigating the religious sect have got made arsenic much of its polygamous life-style as underage marriages. But in Beehive State and Arizona, where most members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Of Nazareth Jesus of Latter Day Saints live, government have got long said that matrimony age, not polygamy, is the issue. "We're calm trying to happen out what it means," said Alice Paul Murphy, spokesman for Beehive State Lawyer General Mark Shurtleff. "This could be the most important thing that have happened to the FLDS Church in years. "I'm hoping this is a mark . . . that the FLDS Church is stepping into the 21st century as far as what people will accept and not accept as far as marriages," he said. normality normality normality
"We intend it": Church spokesman Willie Jessop issued the "clarification" a hebdomad ago on a dust-covered route outside a conventicle at the Longing for Sion Ranch in Eldorado, Texas. The cardinal subdivision of the statement said the Christian church would perpetrate to "not preside over the matrimony of any adult female under the age of legal consent Advertisement

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