Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Angola: Church Leader Calls for Participation in Legislative Polls - AllAfrica.com


Uí- The leader of Redemption Army Church in Angola, Ambrósio Zola, have called on faithful belonging to his spiritual fold to take part en masse shot in legislative elections, put for adjacent 5 September.

Addressing ANGOP, at the end of his four-day visit to the northern Uige province, the spiritual leader referred that the faithful of Redemption Army in Republic Of Republic Of Angola should stay by the authorities law and the programmes, aimed at improving citizens living standards.

According to him, the Redemption Church have subdivisions in the country's 18 provinces, and plant for the mollification of liquor and collaborates with the authorities in conducting societal activities focussed on the national reconstruction.

Meeting with the authorities members, Christian church service and the course of study for local pastors, were some of Church leader's activities in province.

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