Monday, March 17, 2008

First Great Buddhist Tantrika Guru Padmasambhava Or Buddha Sakyamuni

Padmasambhava is considered to be the first Tantrik Buddhist guru in Thibet and of Tantrik Buddhism though according to learned Tantrikas, The Buddha himself was a great Tantrik teacher. Buddha's Earth touching gesture is regarded as a Tantrik gesture since according to Hindoo Tantras an Avadhuta before staring his day-to-day Yoga patterns firstly he by touching the Earth makes heat exhaustion to female parent Earth to prolong him in his all acts. Also on business relationship of Buddha's assorted instructions like Heart Sutra, Lankavatara Sutra, and Lotus Sutra etc it is apparent that he was instruction some esoteric vidya to his most darling disciples. He have not taught these esoteric instructions in general populace rather in the assembly of the great monks. However it is a historical truth that these sutras are Mahayana Sutras in which the instructor is Sakyamuni yet it is true that in these sutras some distinct truths have got been taught which are undoubtedly developed from the core instructions of Buddha. According to Mahayana religion the sutras namely Mahayana sutras taught by Tathagata on the mount of holy vulture (presently Griddha Kuta Parvata in Rajagriha) was other than what he was sermon earlier therefore it is said that on vulture extremum he swung The Wheel of Law 2nd time.

Atisa in his commentary on Lotus Sutra have got written that 2nd wheel of philosophy spoken by Tathagata can be summarized in two of import teachings. One is on ego realisation and 2nd 1 is about essence. That version of sutra which is called Saptasahasrika is about kernel i.e. about Tantrayana In which dharni mantra the flawlessness of wisdom have been uttered by him. The mantra 'Om gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi swaha' have great importance in Tantrik Buddhism; it is used for authorization and assorted supernatural practices. Vairochana adherent of Padmasambhava in his commentary on the bosom sutra explained the words of the sutra according to the Tantrik three of the outer, interior and secret. Further more than 'Heart Sutra' have been interpreted as higher Tantrism i.e. Uttar Tantra in which there is no ritual, only religion and consciousness is essential. We should not take 'tantra' here as lone occultism since Buddhism and Hindooism both see Tantrism as a higher path.

One great Tantrik Bible Uttar Tantrism of Maitreya gives a higher position of Tantra, here in this Bible it have been mentioned that peak wisdom (ultimate reality) can be only realized by those who are of good line of descent i.e. Negro spiritual line of descent not by every one. This term have also been emphasized in 'heart sutra' wherein Sariputra asked to Avalokiteshvara 'how should a boy of good line of descent who wishes to drill the profound flawlessness of wisdom train.' Good line of descent is considered of import regarding esoteric Negro Negro spiritual realisation because it is profound and deep in meaning; this is why a spiritual instructor before initiating a adherent in the way Judges him on respective evidence put forth by instructors of the lineage. From above account it is much clear that The Buddha was the first instructor of the esoteric way albeit through Mahayana sutras of which Guru Padmasambhava propagated in the multitude combining hitherto all the Dhamma instructions of Tathagata. He was the first Negro spiritual instructor who popularized Buddhist Tantra in general and specific among the people of Tibet.

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