Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Angola: Moxico - Church Leaders Highlight Government's Commitment ... -


Church authorities in eastern Moxico state have got praised the Government's committedness hundred on the Reconstruction of socio-economic infrastructures during the six old age of peace.

Speaking to ANGOP Tuesday, the provincial coordinator of the Christian Churches Council in Republic Of Angola (CICA), Paulino Alberto Sande, said that the government's efforts, particularly in Moxico province, are mainly focussed on instruction and wellness sectors, where the building and rehabilitation plant of schools and wellness Centres are in advancement across the province.

Paulino Alberto Sande, who is also curate of the Congregational Evangelic Church in Republic Of Republic Of Angola (IECA), noted that he have been following up the government's economical and societal programme considered positive by the residents.

He also counsels the Christian churches and their faithful to go on praying in favor of peace and consolidation of integrity and national reconciliation.

In his turn, the caput of Spiritual Church in Angola, João Francisco, stated that "Peace is a common place and it should be preserved by all".

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